Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How to Use Travel Buddy / Travel Buddy Pro


-tap on the first button of the watch to switch between 12 hours and 24 hours
-tap on the second button of the watch to switch between date of the month and day of the week


-in the first view (watch view), click on small stopwatch icon on the top left corner to display stopwatch
-tap on the play button to start stopwatch
-tap on the pause/stop button to pause stopwatch
-tap on the play button after pausing the counter will continue the count
-tap on the reset button after pausing/stoping the stopwatch will reset the count to zero


-this is a very easy to use calculator
-it allows for a maximum of 6 significant digits

PostedNote pad

-tap the posted note will bring up a keyboard for entering
-after finish entering, save your note by tapping the check mark icon (the keyboard will be dismissed)
-your note is now saved in your pictures folder
-to see your note, tap on the pictures icon (picture icon)
-if you do not want to save, tap the x icon and it will dismiss the keyboard without saving the note


-tap the camera to bring up the camera
-the back camera is now activated for you to take pictures
-tap the small camera icon to take picture
-tap the small icon on the top right hand corner to switch to the front camera to look at yourself (mirror)
-again, you can tap the small camera icon to take picture of yourself
-to see the pictures your have taken, tap on the pictures icon (picture icon)

Easy Directions (Pro version only)

- please ensure your "location services" is enable.  (you can enable it by going to "settings")
- tap on any direction sign that you want to head to (and the arrow will point you to your desired direction).
- for example, if you want to head north, simply tap on the N sign. If you want to head south, simply tap on the S sign.

If you have further questions or need support, please email

(important:  for the pro version, please ensure the location services in your device's settings is enabled. )

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